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Dr. Margaret Kaiser - Dr. Kaiser serves as the Medical Director of Cortland Acres. She specializes in Internal and Geriatric Medicine at the Mountain Laurel Medical Center. Serving as Medical Director at Cortland since 1992, Dr. Kaiser is a respected member of our medical staff who also makes significant contributions to our facility each year.




Dr. Steven Toney - Dr. Toney is a member of Cortland’s medical staff. Dr. Toney works closely with the administrative and nursing staff to coordinate health care for Cortland’s residents and rehabilitation patients. Dr. Toney is also a member of the medical staff of Davis Health System and manages a successful family practice group in Elkins.




Dr. Ed Rader - Dr. Rader serves as a member of the Cortland Acres medical staff, he had been affiliated with Cortland since 1988. He has a successful family practice, the Mountaintop Clinic on Cortland Acres' campus. Dr. Rader is a respected member of our medical staff who also loves the outdoors and takes time to ski the resorts of Tucker County.




Dr. Andrew Foy - Dr. Foy is a member of Cortland's medical staff. Dr. Foy has been at the Eglon Clinic for seven years and said he enjoys the small-town approach to medicine. He finished his undergraduate work at Marshall University, attended the WVU School of Medicine, and completed his residency in family medicine at Marshall.



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