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Cortland Acres offer services for all of its resident's needs. We have specialized staff, programming and secured facility to meet the unique needs of individuals living with Alzheimer's and Dementia. We also work with local Hospice Care and Mountain Hospice organizations and also offer a pharmacy, podiatry, dental, eye and hearing tests on site.


If your loved one or family is facing the challenge of Alzheimer's disease you are not alone. Cortland Acres offers a range of dementia services.

Daybreak provides a warm and caring environment for our residents with dementia and other forms of memory loss. Safe, stimulating surroundings are specially designed to meet the unique needs of residents; they encourage independent functioning while ensuring well-being. Caregivers assist residents with a variety of one-on-one and group activities, and involve families in establishing appropriate programs for assistance in the following areas:

• Basic flexibility and dexterity therapies
• Personal hygiene and grooming
• Medication management
• Socialization and recreational activities
• Sensory stimulation activities


Our goal during this challenging time for you and your family is to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort to individuals suffering from a life threatening illness. From respite care, and pain and symptom management, to the support of patients and their families through end of life care, we bring warmth, caring, and compassion to the lives we touch.

Cortland Acres supports patients’ and residents’ rights to make decisions about their care, including whether to accept or refuse life prolonging measures and treatments. We work together with you and your family to provide support and information for proactive self-advocacy and care decisions.

Advance directives, such as living wills and health care proxy forms are encouraged. Nursing, medical, social work and pastoral care staff works with elders and families to meet emotional as well as physical comfort needs. Our specially trained staff provides counseling and locates resources to meet the social, personal, financial, and emotional needs of families and residents.

Eyes & Ears

Our trained medical staff can offer care for residents who suffer from various eye and ear disorders. We can schedule in-house appointments to meet our resident's needs.


Audiology service is provided at Cortland Acres. A board certified, licensed audiologist can conduct assessments, fit and service hearing aids and assistive devices, and work with residents to ensure successful aural rehabilitation.

Audiology services including ear examinations, performed by physicians, and complete diagnostic hearing evaluations, performed by professional audiologists, are available to Cortland residents. Also as a convenience to residents, maintenance checks on hearing aids and new hearing aid batteries are available.

Any of our residents who demonstrate decreased hearing, plugged/fullness, pain or discomfort, pressure, dizziness and balance problems, infections, drainage, ringing or buzzing, sudden hearing loss, and communication difficulties will be evaluated by a physician and/or professional audiologist.


On-site dental care is made available by Davis Dental. Residents are scheduled for their annual check-up at Cortland, but are referred to Davis Dental for oral health procedures and non-routine services. Transportation for these services is arranged by Cortland.

Podiatry Care

Good foot care is especially important for seniors and people with diabetes. To make this care convenient for Cortland residents, professional podiatry services are provided on site by Dr. Ashton Curtis. Patients are scheduled on an as needed basis for general foot care services and procedures.


Having our own in-house pharmacist and professional pharmacy that specializes in hospital/long-term care pharmaceuticals means improved medication preparation, administration, and deliveries for the special needs of residents. A regular review of each resident’s medications by pharmacist and physician improves the quality of care with better drug therapies.

Another benefit of the pharmacy is that our nurses receive regular education on clinical standards for care, delivery and possible adverse events of medications. Their improved awareness expands patient safety by maximizing security of dispensing.

Additionally, in-house management of pharmaceuticals is more cost-effective, more timely for emerging situations, and more convenient.


An important component of life at Cortland Acres is our focus on your individuality and spirituality. We believe that your spiritual health is just as important as your physical health, and we are committed to providing spiritual services and guidance to residents and staff alike. We have a chaplain (pastor or priest) on call to oversee the spiritual life of all of our residents. For more information on our spirituality services call 304.463.4181

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