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Cortland Acres offers a range of outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation options for residents and community members. On-site physical, occupational and speech therapists provide state-of-the art rehabilitation services to help individuals regain strength and independence.

Our specialized one-on-one treatment plans are designed to help individuals maintain or return to normal activities following an injury or hospital stay.

If you have physical disabilities from a stroke, traumatic head injury, joint replacement, spinal cord injury, fractures, amputation, or other problems with your back and neck, balance and coordination, or wounds that do not heal, our therapies and modalities will help you return to as normal a pattern or movement and functioning as possible.

Our therapies and modalities include:
• Injury prevention programs
• Post-injury treatment and rehabilitation
• Post-surgery rehabilitation
• Gait training
• Prosthetic training
• Balance and coordination re-education
• Therapeutic strengthening and endurance exercises
• Home exercise program instruction
• Pain management
• Wound care
• Photo therapy
• TMJ dysfunction treatment
• Aquatic therapy
• Protective splints, brace, and equipment
• Community education

For information on any of our outpatient rehabilitation services please call 304.463.4191

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