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Thank you for your interest and inquiry into the services of Cortland Acres, a non-profit corporation having a purpose to provide long-term as well as short-term nursing care and rehabilitation for residents of Tucker County and surrounding communities.

We are interested in the whole person, in providing the highest quality of patient care and in responding to the individual needs of the resident.

The following steps will guide you through the process of obtaining admission to Cortland Acres:

1. Contact a Social Worker at Cortland Acres. You may fill out an application online, download a PDF or one can be mailed to you. Also, the information can be taken over the phone.

2. The applicant's most recent medical information will be requested. If the applicant is currently in a hospital, the admitting history, physical and discharge summary will provide most of the needed medical information. If the applicant is at home, information from recent hospitalizations or physician visits will be helpful.

3. West Virginia requires that all applicants have a medical assessment completed by a doctor and recorded on a form called a PAS-2000 (Pre-Admissions Screening form). This form can be initiated in the hospital or doctor's office. Blank forms are always available at Cortland Acres.

4. Certain tests are required at the time of admission. They will also be considered current if completed within 30 days prior to the date of admission. The tests include Chest x-ray report, complete blood count, and urinalysis. Other tests may be required depending on the diagnosis of applicant.

5. There are several physicians available to oversee the care of a resident. You may contact any one of them at their respective phone numbers:

Margaret Kaiser, M.D.   301-334-8600
Ed Rader, M.D.   304-463-3331
Steven Toney, M.D. 304-636-2696
Andrew Foy, M.D.   304-735-3155

6. All applicants are invited to designate someone who would be authorized to make health care decisions on their behalf. Some of the ways are through a Medical Power of Attorney, a Durable Power of Attorney, a Court Appointed Committee or the appointment of a Surrogate Health Care Decision Maker. Contact Social Services at Cortland Acres for more information regarding these documents.

7. For more information regarding our Admissions process, please download this the Steps for Admission with a detail list.

8. For your convenience, our Application for Admission is available online.



A member of the West Virginia Health Care Association, an affiliate of the American Health Care Association.
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